Obtaining Your Marriage License In Virginia

What You Need to Know 101

      • Age Requirement –  18 with a certified copy of the birth certificate as proof.  If under the age of 18, notarized consent from a parent or legal guardian is required.

      • Waiting Period – None

      • License is Valid For –  60 days, statewide

      • ID – Government Issued ID such as: Valid Driver’s License, Military ID, State ID, Passport, Permanent Resident Card,
        Foreign Gov’t issued Passport

      • Fee – $30 Marriage License, $2.50 Certified Marriage License per Copy,

        Most clerk’s offices accept cash, check or credit/debit cards, which will include an additional service fee. 

      • Officiant – Ordained minister who can show proof of ordination (online ordinations not recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia) ; marriage commissioners, justices of the peace, and judges. 


                                                                                                           ***PLEASE NOTE****

    Officiants in the state of Virginia must be approved by the Clerk of the Circuit Court before the ceremony: if the chosen Officiant is out of state, most online ordinations are not accepted.

    Proxy Marriages Allowed?  No. Proxy marriages are not allowed in Virginia. Both parties and Officiant must be present.

    Are Witnesses and Signatures Required?  No. The Commonwealth of Virginia does not require a witness signature on the Marriage License.  The Wedding Officiant’s is the only signature required.

    Click on the link below before heading out to the city or county’s Circuit Court where you will obtain your Marriage License. There is helpful information on the website.


    ****The information provided below is a courtesy, it is recommended that you contact the Circuit Court Clerk’s office before obtaining your Marriage License to insure that you have all the necessary information and documentation needed prior to your arrival at the courthouse.  

    It is recommended to contact the courthouse before arrival to verify office hours for issuing Marriage Licenses. Some courthouses may require an appointment while others allow clients to walk in at any time during the courthouse business hours Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 4 pm.

                          For information about venues and locations in Virginia click on the link